Marsja Mudde Muziek: experienced in giving experience

Experienced in giving experience is the motto of Marsja Mudde Muziek and what Marsja stands for as a person and musician. According to her, making music is really an experience profession. As a musician you are trained based on what the teacher experiences while listening to you. And through a lot of repetition and practice with the teacher’s feedback, or after a lot of experience, you master the subject.

Graduation is not the end of gaining experience. Time and time again, learning and experiencing remain paramount, for example when researching and practicing new repertoire.

Experience also helps to become better at teaching. Getting better at listening to the student, hearing what is going well and what isn’t going well, and guiding the student to learn through experience.

Performing music can also be described as letting the audience experience what the repertoire does to the musician and to them. And in the contact with the audience and with the content and experience intended by the text author and the composer, it is in that contact that Marsja experiences the greatest professional joy!

Marsja Mudde Muziek wishes everybody Happy Hollidays and a Wonderful 2024!

The end of 2023 is approaching and the contours of 2024 are starting to emerge on the horizon. In this time of reflection on the past year and looking forward to the rebirth of the Light, the first thing that comes to mind is that I am grateful for the many beautiful moments with students and on stage. It’s great to see how everyone is making progress, in a short period of time, such as a one-day workshop, or over a longer period of lessons. And how much I have enjoyed the Hildegard course that I was able to teach this year for Center Cantus Modalis! I felt supported by my fellow teachers Rebecca and Cora, but even by fellow citizens who were willing to accommodate complete strangers for the duration of the course.

Exiting activities are again planned for 2024, some of which I would like to share with you. Every third Saturday of the month - provided I am in the country - there will be a Hildegard von Bingen Study Day, for singing women at all levels. In addition, I will once again be a teacher in a course from Center Cantus Modalis, about the methods and mindset required for singing modal music. I have also been invited by the Obras Foundation in Portugal for a two-month residency starting April 8, allowing me to work on a very cool project there! That project will hopefully also lead to beautiful performances shortly afterwards.

I wish you and your loved ones a Christmas with beautiful music and a 2024 full of cultural sensibilities!

Marsja Mudde Muziek has a completely renewed website.

The most important goal has been achieved, namely that it now also works well on tablets and telephones and is easy to read. But that’s not the only thing that has changed! We hope it’s now even easier for you to find everything you’re looking for.