Anime Beatitudinis Cantando is a professional vocal women’s ensemble that breathes new life into the music of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance in a titillating way. The programs are distinguished by idiosyncratic, creative and interdisciplinary total concepts, in which the visible and audible love for this music is combined with texts and images, sometimes also other sensory resources, that together tell a story.

The sound and interpretation of the music by Anime Beatitudinis Cantando is characterized by the fluent following of the original notation, attention to the dialect and accent, attention to the modal harmony and acoustic effects and therefore responding to what the music wants from the singers (and not the other way around). This results in a lively performance with surprising harmony, which comes into its own in the space where the performance takes place.

The name Anime Beatitudinis Cantando is Latin for “singing in the soul of bliss”. This expresses the intention that music of the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance often seems to implicit: connection of the soul with the other and with the spiritual level. But also the feeling that singing can bring to the female singers. After all, the happy soul sings and the singing soul is happy!

The core members of the ensemble are the singers Cora Schmeiser, Agnieszka Chabowska and Marsja Mudde. Depending on the program, other female singers or instrumentalists may be added to the ensemble.

Anime Beatitudinis Cantando aims to educate its audience - consciously or unnoticed - about medieval and early Renaissance music and culture. Therefore, at the request of the receiving location, some programs can be expanded with additional activities, such as a themed lecture, a silent walk, or a workshop on the subject.