Book and cd Gregorian chant and songs from the Modern Devotion by ensemble Trigon

The Key2Singing foundation has released a CD and book to conclude the Gregorian Chant and Modern Devotion - Treasure Digging in Our Cultural Heritage project. Last year, ensemble Trigon was commissioned by the Key2Singing foundation to conduct research into the music of Gregorian chant and the Modern Devotion in the Low Countries in the period 1350-1550. In the context of this project, in addition to a study of the history of this music and the original musical notation, various workshops and concerts have been organized. This has resulted in the CD with accompanying book that was released in 2012/2013.

Book contents

The book Songs of Light and Troost, Gregorian Chant and Modern Devotion in the Low Countries contains a selection of Gregorian songs and songs from the Modern Devotion, including transcription and translation of the texts. In addition, it contains an introduction to this religious movement and a manual on how to read the unique manuscripts with music. It is the first time that color illustrations of musical manuscripts are combined in an edition with a guide for reading them that can be understood by laymen.

Contents CD

On the CD Songs of Peace and Consolation, released by Aliud Records, you can hear recordings of the chants, performed by ensemble Trigon. The lyrics of the Dutch and Latin songs are printed in the CD booklet, with an English translation. Almost all songs on the CD can be read in the original notation in the book described above. Book and CD thus also form an educational whole.

Multidisciplinary approach

CD and book bring to light a relatively unknown piece of Dutch history through an original multidisciplinary approach. The history of the Modern Devotion, unique characteristics of the music (notation) and the political, social and cultural influences of this time are extensively discussed. The publications are intended to be of educational and aesthetic value for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Book and CD details

ISBN 978-90-9027297-9 / Aliud Records ACD BE 064-2

To order

Both book and CD can still be ordered at Marsja Mudde Muziek by calling or sending a message to 06-18277792.

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