Die Minne mint ende singt:

Medieval Sung Love Poetry from the Netherlands and Germany

Target audience:

Enthusiasts of every level; individuals and duos


February 11-12, 2023


137 euros per person


In this workshop we work for two days on the beautiful repertoire of the Minnesang, a music genre in medieval Germany and the Netherlands, derived from the music of the French Troubadours and Trouvères. The so-called Courtly Love reigns supreme in this period and inspires many to flowery poetry, which is still inextricably linked to music in this period. The participants work in pairs with two songs each. In addition, the group as a whole is also working on a few pieces. Players of medieval instruments (e.g. recorder, fiddle, portative) who can and want to accompany themselves or other participants are also very welcome, but the main focus is on expressing the text.