Tailor-made workshops

Marsja Mudde Muziek provides customized workshops for all kinds of occasions and target groups.


On request, changes can be made to an existing workshop, such as the location, schedule or duration of the workshop, the number of participants, the precise content or learning objectives, or the target group. But it can also happen that you want to develop a new workshop especially for you or your choir, ensemble, school or work.


Whether you want a customized existing workshop or a completely new one, in both cases Marsja Mudde Music will schedule an appointment with you, online or face-to-face, to discuss your wishes and expectations and compare them with the possibilities of Marsja Mudde Music. We also look at the planning and location of the possible workshop.

Quotation and order

After this meeting, a quotation will be made, in which the planning and conditions will also be laid down. You will then have the opportunity to have things adjusted if it is not entirely to your liking. After all, what matters is that you get a tailor-made workshop. After mutual signing of the quotation, the assignment is final and Marsja Mudde Muziek will start preparing your workshop.