On the way to Santiago da Compostella:

Medieval Pilgrim Songs from mainly Spanish Music Manuscripts

Target audience:

Advanced amateurs and (pre-)professionals


Summer 2024, to be announced later.


197 euros per person


When summer arrives, almost everyone prepares for the holidays. In the Middle Ages, too, people traveled a lot and in order to keep pace and sense, they often sang. The journeys made by the Middle Ages often served to visit distant relatives, as a messenger for high-ranking people, as a war path (crusades!) or as penance: the pilgrimages. Santiago da Compostella is still an important place of pilgrimage. In this three-day workshop we explore some surviving polyphonic pilgrim songs from the Codex Calixtinus, supplemented with songs from the Codex Las Huelgas, the Llibre Vermeil and the Cantigas de Santa Maria. Intonation, balance and expression are the learning objectives.