Ensemble Trigon is specialised in studying and performing medieval spiritual music. How medieval music sounded at the time no one can really know. What we can do is study the contemporary treatises that were written on the subject. And we can get as close as possible to the music by studying the original sources. That is why Trigon studies and sings from these original scores, as found in manuscripts.

Ensemble Cantus Modalis is formed mostly of singers educated at the Dutch Fontys Conservatory, in Schola Cantorum Brabantiae, and / or the Centre Cantus Modalis, where they specialized in performing and interpreting medieval and renaissance music. The distinguishing feature of this ensemble is the fact that its members sing from original manuscript books. Each voice is written in its own section, as was usual at the time when these works were created, and not in the modern score layout. This positively influences the way of singing, artistic leader Dr. Rebecca Stewart knows. The ensemble often gives concerts with stunningly beautiful programs in the Netherlands, Germany, and other countries (e.g. South Korea, the Czech Republic, Italy).

Marsja Mudde Muziek